Personal Designs


An illustration I made to use as my computer background (2019).


A holiday card I created for a contest at my university (2020).

An investigative journalism piece that I co-wrote and designed (2016).


A motion design piece I made for a class on After Effects (2020).


A poster I made for a contest held by the BBB (2018).


A poster I made for a class where the task was the create a poster in the Russian Constructivist style for a famous pop-culture villain.


A piece I made for fun because I love jorts (2018).

Selected Works

Package Redesign 2019Package Design

The Vocal Locals 2020Brand Identity Design

Script Concept Book 2020Typography Book

Apple Patch / Pillar 2018Corporate Design

Video Editing and Motion Design ProjectsVideo Editing and Motion Design

Personal ProjectsAssorted Design Works