Boston, MA and Louisville, KY based graphic designer


About Me

My name is Jessica Brown and I'm a graphic designer with the goal to create a more intentionally designed world. I've had a graphic design-focused education for the past seven years, three of which I've spent at Northeastern University, where I'm currently pursuing a degree in Graphic Design.

I have experience with layout design, illustration, package design, print design, video editing, motion design, and UI/UX design.

Other than graphic design, I also love hiking, cooking, baking, lemonade, video games, and a good TV show.

UHG Product Manager Infographics

During my time on UnitedHealth Group’s Fusion team, I created a series of illustrated one-pagers discussing best practices for product managers. The content of the one-pagers was pulled from slide decks other team members had built for a session directed at PMs. My job was to speak with the team members behind the session to understand the content, pick apart the slide decks to pull content, and to design and illustrate the one-pagers. The one pagers were then distributed as a summary of the learnings from the session. After I created these one-pagers, the team adopted my style as their new one-pager design style.

Product Mindset One-Pager

Product Strategy One-Pager

Building the Right Product One-Pager

Composting Awareness Campaign

In 2021, I created an in-depth social awareness campaign about the importance of composting. It was created over the course of a semester in my Graphic Design 2 class. The goal of “Down & Dirty” is to introduce composting as a clean, easy, and envrionmentally concious option for people of all ages, but specifically older generations.

The Campaign Book (first four pages)

The Website

The Poster Series

The Compost Kit

“O Brother, Where Art Thou?” Concept Book

I created a stylized version of the script for "O Brother, Where Art Thou?", which is my favorite movie, for a Typography class in 2020.

The first eight pages of the book